Converse Get Comfy–The Chuck Taylor II is Revealed



Raise your hand if you love Chuck Taylors. Now raise your hand if you hate wearing them for an extended amount of time because it feels like you’re walking on boulders…yea, me too. But now, we can wear our favorite shoes and not feel like sawing our feet off at the end of the day. The fancy new Chuck Taylor II is here to help!

I know it’s hard to believe, but this sneaker has NEVER undergone a makeover…like ever. Nothing has changed since their release 98 years ago.

The updated sneaker is made of durable Tencel canvas, as opposed to the cotton kind, with higher tech shock absorption in Nike Lunarlon for the footbed. There’s foam padding inside at the ankle, non-slip padded tongues and perforated micro-suede liners along the interior sides.

The updated version of the shoe does on sale July 28th, and will be selling for $70 a pop. So what do you think? Are you ready for more?



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