New Shops & Protest Props: Cutting It in the ATL Episode 9 Recap


It’s what we’ve all been waiting for: The Season Finale! And these girls aren’t taking their stilettos off the gas. The week before, there were mugshots on cakes, but last week, things got even more interesting.

Finally! LaKenya has her own shop!


Girl, I’m glad. Now maybe she can finally stop having to be super nice to these women, all the time. One time for the independent women!


Kenya invited her old mentor Beautii and her NEW mentor Maja Sly to join her at her shop, but in true Beautii fashion, she just HAD to throw a little shade. She basically said Kenya’s shop was too small, and looked around disgusted like she was the Queen of Sheba. All I can say is: Don’t hate, congratulate, boo!

Although Beautii was being a little shady, I do think she has good intentions in the long run. She agreed to help LaKenya plan her grand opening party along with Maja…IF and only if Dedra wasn’t going to be there.


When Dedra and Kenya meet up for a little exercise, Kenya reveals that she’s been talking to Dedra’s enemies, and Dedra flies off the handle saying she doesn’t even know if she will attend Kenya’s party at this point. Kenya politely informs Dedra that it’s her party, and she’ll cry if she wants to, and Dedra storms out in a tizzy.

Later on, Dedra has dinner with her good friend, and says that the girls don’t even LIKE LaKenya, but are just trying to get under her skin. She questions whether or not she should even trust Kenya. But she DOES decide to go to the grand opening, with a side of SHADE on her arm.

Cut to Mushiya Beyonce. This woman is hilarious! As I’m sure you’re all well aware of by now, Mushiya is not your average stylist. She made a music video/commercial for RunWay Curls. Peep it.

Apparently, Mushiya’s got a business plan that she thinks is going to put the hair game on lock, and Beautii calls her out by claiming that she’s simply stealing Maja’s blueprint. Mushiya’s response regarding Maja’s business plan: “It didn’t work.” Yikes.

Then Beautii, in one of the most EPIC petty stunts I’ve ever seen, shows up to Dedra’s salon like this:


Her and her posse were walking up and down the street screaming “J’Doah’s gotta go!” and I thought I was gonna die. But aside from how I felt, I thought Dedra was going to step out of the building and burn Beautii’s a** with that curling iron. Luckily that didn’t happen, and Team Beautii went on their merry way.

So on the way to LaKenya’s party, Beautii spills the tea about what Mushiya is up to, and Maja doesn’t take too kindly to that. While they’re on the way, Dedra arrives to the party, and gets a rude awakening when she finds out that LaKenya has not uninvited Maja and Beautii. Dedra slinks on out of the event, and in her confessional, she threatens to give ALL the ladies (Kenya included) a taste of Devilish Dedra in the near future.


But then, after Dedra leaves, the REAL drama enters the building…AKA Mushiya. Not only does the lady come uninvited, she comes with a sh*tload of people. She gets there and starts walking around like it’s her event, and basically nobody knows what’s happening.


Mushiya, who is always on her own planet, goes up to LaKenya and assures her that she’s proud of her (even though her shop is in a suite), and offers her a position as a Runway Curls ambassador. Maja takes that as her opportunity to remind Mushiya that LaKenya already has hair. And LaKenya is basically like…”No thank you.”

Finally, after Mushiya throws shade at Maja from here to California, Maja is fed up and asks Mushiya to have a “chat.” Of course, the chat turns into Mushiya trying to overtalk everybody, and Beautii lets Mushiya have it.


When Mushiya gets the feeling that she’s being cornered, and essentially about to be thrown the hell out by LaKenya, she takes it upon herself to “end the party.”

At the end of the episode, Maja let’ everybody know that she doesn’t have time for Mushiya’s antics, and advises her to “go play in another sandbox.” While Mushiya insists that she has no time for drama, nobody believes her, being that she was the one to bring all the drama to the party. I can only imagine what’s going to happen at the reunion! I got my popcorn ready.


You can catch Cutting It every Thursday on WE TV at 10 PM. Will you be watching next season?


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