(Mug)Shots, Anyone? : Cutting It in the ATL Episode 8 Recap


8 Episodes deep into Cutting It, and these girls aren’t getting any friendlier with each other. This episode got really real, really fast.

So the episode opens up with Mushiya and her husband celebrating this poppin’ new natural hair they’ve discovered. Mushiya is confident that she’s about to change the game up and per usual, her hubby is by her side.


THEN, my girl Maja, who is still on a quest to get a bun in the oven, visits an adoption center to explore her options. Basically, I think she talked her way out of EVER getting a child from those people, because if I were them, I would NEVER let her adopt. You can’t be askin’ the people if you can bring the baby back if it doesn’t work out! This ain’t WalMart, beloved. I’m starting to think Maja might be having second thoughts about being somebody’s mama.  Maybe this is her way of saying she changed her mind?


So maybe you’re wondering what kind of dirt Dedra dug up on Maja in last week’s episode…

Well it was Maja’s mugshot. Now word on the street is that Maja tried to cash a bad check, but she clears all that up later on in the episode, explaining that someone had pulled a fast one on HER. Either way, that crime is…eh compared to what she could’ve been booked for.

Moving right along.

In the meantime, Mushiya is going through with her end of the deal to rock a straight weave for a day, courtesy of Miss Beautii J.


The final results were interesting…

Just when the girls were all playing nice, ol’ Devlish Dedra was across town stirring up some drama. Armed with the information she found on Maja, the heiffa went and got Maja’s mugshot on her birthday cake, and hand delivered that bad boy.


When everybody arrived to Maja’s intimate birthday bash, things seemed to be going great.


There were libations and food. Looked like a good grown up time to me. But then the cake came out with Maja’s mugshot on it and sh*t got real. Everybody’s bottom lips fell to the floor, and Maja went on a rant about how much money she makes, and how she ain’t worried about broke ass Dedra. After a brief trip to the powder room, she returned to the party unbothered.

However, Mushiya was STILL bothered, and decided to take it out on LaKenya.


(By the way, that’s the straight hair) She confronted LaKenya, accusing her of knowing about the mugshot cake due to the fact that she and Devlish Dedra had become such good friends. LaKenya denied having anything to do with it, and before we knew it, Mushiya was being uber aggressive and LaKenya had stormed off crying.

Thankfully, Beautii went downstairs to comfort her, and give her a pep talk. She told her to stand up for herself and for Christ’s sake, get a backbone! Kenya returned, but this time, she decided she had something to say.


She let those girls know that her relationship with Dedra was just that…HER relationship. She says that whatever Dedra’s done to them, she has nothing to do with, and she’d appreciate it if they’d stop pinning stuff on her. The ladies agreed, and they hugged…friends again, until…the next episode.

Look out for my recap on Episode 9 coming soon!


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