Caitlyn Jenner’s Speech At the Epsy’s Was Incredibly Touching


Caitlyn Jenner has been through a lot in the past few months. From making her major physical transformation, to having to explain what was happening to her family, friends, and even strangers, I can imagine that things have been difficult. For EVERYBODY involved.

Aside from everything else, Caitlyn has had to deal with backlash the ESPY’s have recieved for giving her the prestigious Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Many critics believe that Caitlyn is undeserving of the award, questioning what she’s done that was so courageous?

I’m not one of those people, of course. I think Caitlyn is incredibly courageous. I think it takes a lot to do what she did, especially in the public eye, and given her legacy.

Last night, hundreds of athletes and celebs came out to the ESPY’s to celebrate, and Caitlyn delivered this wonderful speech.

Jenner’s family all came out for morale support, and they all looked thrilled to be there.

All black ❤️ had to change to match

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And I think this is all pretty awesome. At the end of the day, our trans brothers and sisters need our support, and I’m proud of Caitlyn’s family for stepping up and giving her what she needs.


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