Watch: Infamous Drug Lord El Chapo Gives Prison the Deuces


I think it’s pretty clear to most of us that Mexican drug lord El Chapo is the King of Badass. This guy is just so damn elusive. Like, this whole thing is pretty fascinating. Check out video of his escape and get a chance to go INSIDE the tunnel that gave him his freedom.

Via Gawker:

The video was released tonight during a press conference held by Mexico’s National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido. In the clip, you can see Guzmán—who currently has a $3.8 million bounty on his head—pacing in his cell, from the bed to the shower and back. At one point, he disappears behind the shower stall before emerging again. He walks back to his bed, appears to put on shoes, then returns to the shower and drops through what we now know was a two-by-two foot hole in the floor, gone for good. 

Wow. Wow. Wow. So what do you think El Chapo is doing right about now? I got 100 bucks that says he’s somewhere eating steak and shrimp.


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