6 People We Can Trade in the 2016 Racial Draft


Who’s up for some trading? I am! Over the last year, a lot has happened. And the truth is, a lot of these unfortunate (AND fortunate) events have brought out a lot of people’s true colors. Whether it be your Facebook friends, your real life friends, or your favorite celebrities, thanks to social media, we have access to EVERYBODY’S thoughts on a regular basis…and sometimes, that can be really annoying.

One thing that’s annoyed me to no end is seeing some of my favorite Black celebrities make complete and utter fools out of themselves, turning their backs on the Black community, making comments on national TV and via Twitter that they really should reconsider. So I’ve decided that there are 6 Black people that I’d like to trade in exchange for 6 White folk. Here’s who I’ve chosen:

1. First up in the racial draft is Stacey Dash-

Now, I used to LOVE her back in the day. I always thought she was so beautiful. “Clueless” was one of my favorite childhood movies. But NOW, nobody better say her name around ME, because she manages to piss me off every time she opens her mouth these days.

Dash’s opinion on whether Obamacare has helped minorities-“It still keeps them stuck. They are getting money for free,” Dash said. “They feel worthless. They are uneducated.”

After Paula Dean said “nigger.” – “God does everything for a reason @Paula_Deen Only God can judge your heart BTW my daughter loves your show (only way she can get me to cook).”

I mean, the girl REALLY IS “Clueless.” Not to mention she wants Donald Trump to be President.

2. Charles Barkley-


When asked about why Black people are racially profiled- “We as black people, we got a lot of crooks.”

*Longest sigh ever* Mr. Barkley, I hate to break it to you, but every race of people has “crooks.” Are they all targeted by police? No. Are they incarcerated in large numbers? No. Are they given harsher prison sentences than everybody else? No. Ever heard of “white collar” crime, Mr. Barkley? It’s RAMPANT! Stick to dribbling balls.

3. Don Lemon-


Oh Don. Girl, you stress me out! It’s like your goal is for Black people to not take you seriously. You’ve already been banned from all of our cookouts…I don’t know what else to say. Your respectability politics and lectures on the N word are not welcome. Also, NO the President shouldn’t apologize for slavery!


4. Raven-Symone&Whoopi Goldberg-


From her sitdown with Oprah, where she claimed that she was neither gay or African-American, (she is) to her defending comments in which a Univision media personality likened Mrs. Obama to an ape, Raven hasn’t been a favorite in the Black community for some time now. And at this point, I just look at these co-hosts as a two for one package. If it isn’t Whoopi saying crazy shit, it’s Raven. The View can’t seem to find any sensible Black women to put on the panel. Below you can find Whoopi Goldberg defending Mel Gibson’s anti-semitic rant a couple of years back.

And to Raven: You don’t wanna be “African-American”? Your wish is granted. Bye girl!

5.Herman Cain-


Cain is incapable of keeping his foot out of his mouth, telling Fox Business Channel’s Varney & Co that 50 % Of Black Voters in Georgia a”probably are clueless” and vote only on “party name and candidate.” Ugh. I think this article pretty much sums it up. He reminds me of Clarence Thomas. Another reason why he can go. By the way, CT isn’t on this list, because I think we all threw him out with the trash a long time ago. (Circa Anita Hill)



Common used to be my bae in my head…until this–

“If we’ve been bullied, we’ve been beat down and we don’t want it anymore. We are not extending a fist and we are not saying, ‘You did us wrong.’ It’s more like, ‘Hey, I’m extending my hand in love,’” he said to host Jon Stewart. “Let’s forget about the past as much as we can and let’s move from where we are now. How can we help each other? Can you try to help us because we are going to try to help ourselves, too.”


Nah. Common, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. extended his hand in love. Didn’t work. Got it? What NEEDS to happen, is people need to take some accountability, and make some changes. Only THEN can we move forward.

*Honorable Mention–

Dylann Roof’s “Black Friend”

Now that you guys are officially out of the club, here’s who we’ll take:

1.Joe Biden-


Uncle Joe! You ol’ rascal you! Talk about a ride or die friend. Listen, NOBODY BETTER SAY NOTHIN’ BAD ABOUT UNCLE JOE!

2.Jon Stewart-

Never biting his tongue. Always delivering the real. Using his platform to speak truth to power.

3.J.K. Rowling-

That’s essentially all I needed. Come on in, and have seat, girl.

4.Khloe Kardashian


I know the Kardashians have had a hard way to go. We often give them a lot of shit. BUT, I absolutely LOVE Khloe. And if homegirl wants to be down, we’ll let her. I think we can all agree that she’s our favorite.

5.Bill Clinton-

This ol’ saxophone playing former President has stolen our hearts on more than one occasion, and as President of the Black people coalition, I vote that Bill Clinton will always have a special place in our hearts.


6.Robin Thicke-


I think it’s pretty clear that we’ve accepted Robin Thicke as one of us. He was at the BET awards this year, now he’s on the Steve Harvey music lineup…I mean, he’s a part of the family. Heeey Robin.

*Honorable Mention

Teena Marie


All hail the Queen! God rest her soul. This is one of our favorite women to date! Nobody rocked us like Miss Teena, and she is surely missed. If you can hang with Rick, you damn sure can hang with us!

So who would you put up in the 2016 racial draft? Who’s got to go??




One thought on “6 People We Can Trade in the 2016 Racial Draft

  1. I was riding with u untili saw Bill Clinton. Fact check the delete. So many Black.and Hispanic Men and Women are doing life because of him. Pls take him off the list. And if you don’t then you must place your name on that racial draft list too. Thank you!

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