Conservative Reporter Suggests Serena Cheated for Her Win


Serena Williams has consistently whooped ass throughout her career. After her most recent victory at Wimbledon, Serena has been getting a lot of criticism from everything from her looks to her “bad attitude.” But in the midst of all her haters, it’s nice to know that Serena is taking all of it in stride.

Just in case you don’t know what Serena hate looks like. Let me show you:


Exactly WHY so many (white) people hate Serena, well I can think of a few reasons. (The loser Twitter user shown above deleted his account, by the way. He’s probably created a new account with the Confederate flag as his avi. We’ll just have to wait and see.)

1.She’s dominated a sport that is supposed to be for white people. She is the best. It’s been proven time and time again. It’s kind like how Tiger Woods got treated, except Serena is a double “minority.”

2.She doesn’t feel the need to make herself small. She’s great and she knows it.

3. She’s unapologetically Black.

4. She’s gorgeous, and they hate themselves for thinking she is.


5. She speaks up for herself.

Hey. From what I understand, her tantrums don’t even COMPARE to tennis legend John McEnroe’s. But when you’re a Black woman, this automatically translates to “Angry Black Woman.”

6. She has a support system, and an active father in her life, who loves her dearly., and that does not fit the “Black fathers aren’t in their children’s lives” narrative.

7. She gets to do this.

I mean, the list could go on…but those are just the basics.

But really, I want people to just let it go. Serena is great, and she will forever be so. She’s comfprtable with her body AND her trophies, and I think that’s all that matters.


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