Thoughts on The Confederate Flag Takedown


Some people (a lot of Black AND white people) can’t understand what the removal of the Confederate flag will do in terms of solving the ongoing issue of racism in this country. Well I can tell you flat out that a flag removal won’t stop racism…BUT symbols matter. What things SYMBOLIZE is important. We could easily say that the swastika is just a symbol…why be mad about it? But that would be silly. We KNOW the meaning and the painful HISTORY of the swastika symbol. No, removing the flag won’t end racism, but it will begin to heal the hearts of those who are affected by having to SEE the flag on a daily basis.

Growing up in the heart of the Confederacy, (Virginia), I NEVER liked seeing the Confederate flag. EVER. As a child, a pre-teen and an adult, it actually SCARED me. When I saw it flying or saw someone with it on their license plate, I was uncomfortable, and I told myself that I better head in the opposite direction. That’s not a good feeling.


The flag at the South Carolina statehouse was raised in the 60’s in protest of the civil rights movement. IN PROTEST of the Civil rights movement. It now comes down in protest of RACISM, INEQUALITY, and HATE.

For those of you who say, “They took down the flag, now what?” We go on to fight another fight. Another battle. As simple as that. But don’t discredit this move. It means something.

Before you make a completely baseless, ahistorical and poorly thought out claim that the confederate flag is a symbol of heritage and that it means nothing more than that…please just have a seat. Today is a good day. ‪#‎ConfederateTakedown‬


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