OneTechGirl Proves That Women CAN Do Tech Too


It tends to be a “Man’s World” when it comes to technology. But recently, women all over the world have been making an effort to change that. Meet Juanika Freeman of OneTechGirl. With a successful business, and an impressive social media following, she’s changing the game in a major way. Check out our interview!


Karma: How did OneTechGirl come about?

OneTechGirl came about when I was still in middle school when the cable men use to come out to our house to setup our Internet service. I became obsessed with everything that had to do with Technology.  Ever since then I have been glued to a laptop or desktop monitor, which is why to this day I have to have on my contact lenses or my glasses.  From that point on I was technology, anything and every new gadget that debuted I was one of the first to have to have it and be the one to take it to its limits to see what it can and cant do.  I went on to high school and there weren’t many technology classes you could take besides typewriting so I basically taught myself until I went to college.  In college I played basketball and majored in Computer Information Systems where I began on the road to be OneTechGirl.  I was the go to Apple and PC Support to all my friends and family, and to this day I am 24hr support to anyone who knows of my skills.  I then went to graduate school and majored in Information Science with a minor in Network Security.  During the years after college I received several technical certifications in A+, Network+, MCP, HDI Helpdesk Analyst, and ITILv3.  Since college has ended I have had several technical jobs from Helpdesk, Network Security Analyst, System Administrator, and Senior IT Support Analyst.  I figured since I’ve been doing this for all these other companies I can make my dream a reality and start my own and work for myself.  I plan to employ other tech girls that are interested in learning, or is already familiar with web development to join my team.


Karma: Why do you think there’s a lack of women in technology?

I think most women aren’t interested in tech related work like most men are.  I also believe that they sometimes don’t like being the minority amongst a crowd of men because we are always outnumbered.  Lastly most of them don’t know that its more to tech than just web programming, development and coding.


Karma: What’s been your experience as a woman in technology?

It’s a pretty good place to be.  You get noticed for what you do and how much you know.  Sometimes they do think you’re incompetent but once you show them your stuff you’re just one of the fellas.


Karma:Where do you see yourself/your business in 5 years?

In 5 years I plan to have a storefront here in Atlanta or some other big city.  I also plan to hire at least 5 technical women.


Karma:What’s your favorite thing about technology?

Is that it always changes. There is always a variable that could change the whole dynamics.


Karma: What did you wish more people knew about technology?

I wish they tried to just learn more about technology, the basics.  It doesn’t make sense that some people don’t know how to use a computer, send an email or even pay a bill online.  These are things you just need to know to keep up in the world.

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