Tamar Braxton Shades The Real Co-Host Jeannie Mai for Hosting Miss USA Pageant


I think just about everybody who has a soul is fed up with Donald Trump. His racist comments have caused several organizations to distance themselves from him, and at this point, no one will touch Trump with a ten foot pole…nobody EXCEPT Jeannie Mai, that is.

A few days ago, The Real co-host announced that she would be co-hosting the Miss USA Pageant, and apparently, Tamar Braxton (aka Messy Braxton) was not havin’ it. She hopped right up in Miss Mai’s comments and let her know how she felt about her participation in the pageant.


Of course, after everybody got wind of what she said, Tamar tried to clean things up a bit.

#TamarBraxton clears up what she said about #JeannieMai — view prior post

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Jeannie Mai didn’t seem TOO bothered, but she did release this statement to People Magazine:

“For the past several years, I have been co-hosting both Miss USA and Miss Universe aligned to support President Paula Shugart. I can’t abandon these women when they need our support now more than ever.”

Hmmm…What do you think about this? Should Tamar have just kept her mouth closed, or was she right to call Jeannie out? Comment below!


One thought on “Tamar Braxton Shades The Real Co-Host Jeannie Mai for Hosting Miss USA Pageant

  1. Tamar has the right to her opinion. I’m not surprised she was so forthcoming with it on social media, it just sends the wrong message when voiced so publicly. Some things, regardless of perspective, don’t require a comment.

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