New Amy Winehouse Documentary Reveals Star Spent Up to $16,000 A Week on Hard Drugs


Sadly, nearly every iconic artist has had to fight some pretty persistent “demons” at some point in their lives. Often times their legacy, their art, their accomplishments, all fading to the background to shed light on drug abuse, alcoholism, violence, mental illness, and various other uncomfy things.  In a new documentary entitled Amy, director Asif Kapadia takes a closer look at the life and times of music sensation Amy Winehouse, and the secrets that are revealed will leave fans speechless.

It was no secret that Amy struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. Tragically, the singer died at the age of 27 due to alcohol poisoning. But I’m not sure most of knew how bad it really was.

Amy details her binge drinking, as well as her largely overlooked bulimia. It delves into Amy’s rocky relationships, including her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil — a fellow addict who says he introduced her to hard drugs — back to her parents’ divorce when she was 9.

According to the NY Times, since the release of the film, Amy’s parents have distanced themselves from it, stating that they felt Amy was portrayed in the worst possible light. According to the Independent, Amy’s father Mitch, threatened to sue the filmmakers for “painting him as absent during her last years” and “giving the impression the family weren’t there”.

amyPhoto:Juliette Ashby/A24

It seems that the director and producers of the film began to question what role Amy’s parents played in her addiction. It had been reported that Amy’s father denied that Amy needed rehab back in 2005. Many people believe that he was distracted by the fame, making Amy’s celebrity the priority, while failing to acknowledge that she needed help.

Chris King, the film’s editor, said the Amy team found that the celeb was spending about $16,000 a week on hard drugs , including heroin and crack cocaine during her darkest times.

The cast includes artists such as Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), Mark Ronson and the legendary Tony Bennett.

Amy, which was released in the UK on Friday, has broken the UK box office record for the highest opening weekend of a British documentary film, grossing over $574,000 dollars since the 3rd.

Some may wonder why now? Why expose Amy in this way?

I’m hoping there’s a bigger picture,” Mr. Kapadia said, including discussions of addiction and mental illness.

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