Google Me Baby! Cutting It in the ATL: Episode 7


Another episode of Cutting It in the ATL, another episode of me laughing out loud and rolling my eyes! Last week’s episode was a doozy, but this week’s episode…well, just click below.

The show opens with Dedra making her way up the steps to Maja’s home. She’s there to apologize. (Kinda) Maja fills her cup and Dedra’s with “coffee” and the ladies sit down to chat. The first few seconds were awkward because the two just sat there looking at each other.


Then finally, Maja told Dedra to spit it out.

Dedra starts by saying that she wants to apologize for the way things have been going. Maja isn’t buying it. She takes a sip of her “coffee” and lets Dedra have it. She basically tells her to drop the attitude and escorts her to the door with a smile that I’m 98% sure was brought to us by Xanax.

Dedra says that she’s simply responding to the women’s attacks, but Mushiya says she thinks Dedra actually hates herself. Mushiya on the other hand…

Moving on.

Maja, Beautii and Mushiya meet up for a girl’s night so they can catch up. While there, Maja tells the girls about her encounter with Dedra and about her plans for her birthday party. (Which she’s deemed a national holiday) Maja makes it clear that Dedra is NOT invited, and that Mushiya can’t bring any guests. She didn’t want a repeat of what happened at the brunch. (Shade)


Maja and Mushiya meet up for an “exotic dancing” class and it’s pretty hilarious. Maja is looking for a new man, and Mushiya let her know that she needed to learn some new moves if she wanted to get some action. After the dance class, Maja realizes that with HER moves, she probably won’t be getting a man anytime soon, so she tells Mushiya that she wants to have a baby…without a man.

Basically, she wants to go the in vitro fertilization route. Mushiya looks at her like she has three heads, and tells her she’s TRIPPIN.


Maja says that she values Mushiya’s advice, but in the end, she’ll do what she wants.

Then, we learned that Beautii had FINALLY decided to invest in Maja’s Pretty Hair. She gave Maja a check for $10,000 and was now a part of the team. *throws confetti*

But in true Beautii fashion, she took things a step too far by getting a sign that looked EXACTLY like Maja’s. I mean, pose, wording and ALL! She hung that bad boy on the front of her salon. Ol’ shady Maja reminded Beautii that a new sign STILL “won’t bring in any business.”


Maja and Lakenya got a GOOD cheap laugh when they rode by the salon and they wondered if Beautti had caught a bad case of Single Black Female syndrome.


Then in the last scene, in a bizarre twist, Dedra’s doing her friend’s hair (side eye), and she tells her that she’s found some TEA on Miss Maja Sly. Dedra’s been putting her Googling skills to use once again, and apparently, she’s come up with some dirt that could potentially ruin Maja’s career! Baby, Dedra whipped out that iPad so quick!


I have no idea what she found, because of course, we were left hanging until the next episode, but all I know is, if you’re going to be out here throwing shade, you better know that your enemy can Google you at any time, and possibly tell ALL of your business!

Until next time Cutting It fans! I’ll see you next Friday, same time, same place, with a recap.



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