Bobbi Kristina’s Friend Speaks Out About Abuse at the Hands of Nick Gordon


After we received news that Bobbi Kristina had been moved to hospice care, many of us wondered what would happen next. There had been a lot of fighting amongst the family, and Bobby Brown had made it very clear that he wasn’t going to let Nick Gordon off the hook. So we knew that while Bobbi Kristina is soon going to be laid to rest, that the story won’t be ending there.


We’d always wondered if the allegations against Bobbi’s boyfriend Nick were true. Had he been abusive? Is it possible that he was the one who killed BK? Well, now Alex Reid, Bobbi’s best friend is telling all.

In a recent interview with E! News, Alex says that one day Bobbi Kristina called her from her deceased mother’s closet, distraught.

“She was sobbing. Nick had hit her and she was scared. She was very upset. She didn’t know what to do. It was as if, she didn’t have anyone else to turn to. It was heartbreaking.”

Alex then went on to say that she feels that she’s the only one who can speak up for Bobbi right now. She says she knows some things that no one else does.

“I love her. I would never have betrayed her and spoken out before now, ” says Alex through tears. “But as she lies there, I feel there is no one else to speak on her behalf. I feel like I have to be a voice for her now. Krissi was physically abused by Nick on a number of occasions and she told me about some of them,” Alex says. “I never witnessed anything…she would FaceTime me every time she was distraught, when something has just happened or show me a bruise.”

So what about the lies? BK and Nick had everyone believing they were married at one point.


According to Alex, they lied because they wanted people to take them seriously. She claims that after Whitney passed, Nick was making a lot of decisions around the house and people wanted to know why he had a say. Later, Pat Houston got a restraining order on Nick, isolating Bobbi even more, making her feel like she had to choose.

In the end, she chose Nick, who allegedly was very controlling, not allowing Bobbi to have access to credit cards and various other things without his permission. Alex claims Nick started to get really violent.

“I don’t know when he started hitting her,” says Alex. “But I know of at least four occasions when he struck her. She also told me about how he had tried to choke her once. She was definitely scared. She had some friends, but not many.

“One time I remember she called me for three hours. She was hyperventilating. I could barely understand what she was saying because she was so distraught. When she could finally get the words out she told me he had been physically abusive. He had hit her in the face and thrown her against a wall.”


Alex goes on to say that BK and her father Bobby Brown had a strained relationship which pushed her even closer to Nick. Alex says that all Bobbi wanted was for someone to pay attention.

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But Alex says she thinks the heart of the matter is that she was still mourning her mother. She says she would talk about her as if she were still alive.

“Krissi was just a teenager when she lost her mom,” says Alex. “She did not get proper therapy, and instead was just living alone with her older boyfriend struggling to heal. “She needed support and unconditional love, so she desperately clung to Nick in the hopes of finding that in him. Instead, she got physically abused, emotionally abused, disrespected and taken advantage of.”

Friend Of Bobbi Kristina Opens Up About Nick Gordon Abuse – blogged by: @eleven8 Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina's relationship was toxic. We all know that. But who knew some of the grizzly details of what was going on behind closed doors? A friend of Bobbi Kristina opened up to E!'s Giuliana Rancic and she dishes on their personal life and why she thinks Nick was no good for Bobbi Kris. “Pretty soon after we met she started telling me about the times he had been physically abusive and it just kept escalating," said Alex Reid, close friend of Bobbi Kristina's. "It just kept getting worse and worse." Alex said that Bobbi Kris was always looking for someone to connect to after the loss of her mother. "She used to tell me, like, 'Alex there's no one in the world who loves me. Like there's no one who just loves me. My mom. I used to just lay in my mom's arms in bed and just know that I was loved'.” Alex also opens up about the abuse Bobbi sustained at the hands of Nick. "He was known to choke her. Throw her on the walls, punch her in the jaw. Just unbelievable stuff. It was really this off the handle temper. I would ask her ‘What started this?’ and it would always be … read the rest log on to (clickable link on profile) #bobbikristina #nickgordon #readmore #logon

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This story is just heartbreaking. I never could have imagined it would end this way. Do you think Nick is responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s death?

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