Take That. Take That. Diddy Sues BET


We were all having so much fun. The highly anticipated Bad Boy Reunion popped off, and we all took a much needed trip down memory lane together thanks to the BET Awards. I was Diddy boppin’ across my living room floor and doing the Tootsie Roll when Puffy took a mean fall into the same trap door that Lil Kim rose up out of like a Phoenix.

I wasn’t sure at first whether anyone really cared. I know I didn’t. I was too caught up in the moment. The people in the audience didn’t seem to be phased. So I just kept on Harlem shaking. Then I opened my Twitter app.

“The fall” was everywhere. I was horrified. Hate to see a real G go out like that, ya know? But like the true performer he is, Puffy kept the show going. While he did manage to keep his game face on for his performance, on the inside, Diddy was fighting mad. I can’t even imagine all the cursing he did when he got backstage. Hopefully there weren’t any champagne bottles around.

Now, a few days after the nasty tumble, Diddy is suing Viacom and BET for f*ckin up his swag and essentially damn near killing him.

The Bad Boy is suing for $15 mil for injuries incurred, along with pain and suffering for his humiliation.

“It’s funny how I magically fall into a hole after the whole UCLA episode. I’m not stupid, I am the king of marketing. I know BET’s strategy and now they’ve gotta pay up, nothing’s free when it comes to Diddy.”

You hear that Viacom? Looks like you’re going to have to pay up.



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