Black Lives Matter Activists Just Pulled Off the Greatest Stunt of All Time


I don’t even know where to start with this awesome story. I mean, everything about it is brilliant! On Friday, Black Lives Matter activists invaded a hoity-toity restaurant in Manhattan, New York, and the result was amazing. Just click below.

Last week, the Never 21 Collective met up at the 21 Club in Midtown Manhattan, and pulled off the greatest protest of all time. Instead of the usual overpriced steak and wine they are accustomed to, patrons got a little something extra on their menus Friday afternoon.

Posing as waiters, Never 21 activists presented diners with a menu listing black children that had been killed by police before the age of 21.

While all of this was going on, another activist made their way to the roof of the restaurant to quickly hang “Black Lives Matter” signs on the balcony.

According to Animal New York, one patron tried to make a joke about the whole thing, but failed miserably. “I’ll take the VonDerrit Meyers Jr.” he said, visibly uncomfortable. Another patron wasn’t so nice about it, screaming “I’m not racist. I don’t need this,” before tossing his menu. (Quite symbolic to say the least.)

In a statement online, the Never 21 Collective had this to say about their non-violent protest:

“The recent McKinney, Texas pool party incident serves as a prime example of what Never 21 has been and will continue fighting against. This was not intended to be an attack on the 21 Club itself. In contrary, it was an opportunity for the iconic cuisine to support a movement that needs all of the allies it can get.”

*Slow Claps* Yes, Never 21 people. Just, yes.



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