Want to Take Your Email Back? Now You Can


(Denis Closon/Rex Features)

If you’re like me, you’ve sent an email or two (or a hundred) that you wish you’d never sent. You’ve agonized. You’ve been embarrassed. You’ve asked yourself repeatedly if you spelled “rhythm” right? (Just me?) Maybe you’ve even hit “send” before you actually finished what it was that you wanted to say. Well there’s finally a solution.

Thanks to a new “Undo Send” feature on GMail, busy bees all over the world can save just one more ounce of dignity (what’s left after you leave work every day).

The feature will show up in the Settings menu on Gmail’s website. According to the NY Post, Google inserted the “undo send” feature last month into an email management application called “Inbox” designed for mobile devices.

All of this is really great news for people like me, but one thing to note is that you MUST undo the email within 30 seconds of sending, or you’re up the creek with the rest of your sh*tty emails.


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