“Bye Patricia!” Cutting It In the ATL: Episode 6 Recap


Ahhhh yes. Episode 6 of Cutting It was very interesting. Last week, I was on the fence about a couple of things, but in just one episode, I’ve changed my mind about EVERY body.

So the show opens with Beautii and Maja. *Raise your hand if you’re tired of these two trying to make up* Beautii shows up at Maja’s house to apologize for her behavior the last few times they’ve tried to get together for their version of a “lemon squeeze“, but it appeared that Maja couldn’t care less. In her words…

“I don’t give one iota about Beautii’s behavior. I just need her to stop acting a fool in public places and invest in Pretty Hair.

After calling Dedra’s salon a “one hop shop”, Maja raised her champagne glass and Beautii promised to be on her best behavior from this point forward.


As if tensions between Beautii and Mushiya couldn’t get any worse, Beautii’s client, who met Mushiya at her anniversary party, decided that she wanted to change her look. She reached out to Mushiya for help. In the ultimate act of betrayal, her client heads on over to The Damn Salon to get her hair damn-i-fied, and then shows up at an art gallery to flaunt her new strands.

Now I’m not saying the girl can’t go and get her hair done wherever she wants, but EVERYBODY knows that you don’t go to your stylist’s worst enemy’s salon if you’re looking for a change! Especially after you witnessed them trying to kill each other the week before. Needless to say, Beautii was pissed when she saw her ex-client’s new do’, and in true Beautii fashion, she had something to say about it.

Chile, when I tell you Beautii was pokin’ and proddin’ that hair! And even Maja got in on the action. She didn’t have anything negative to say publicly, but she definitely had a few comments about it in her confessional.


“The whole world is going natural.” -Mushiya

Just as Beautii and Mushiya were about to go at each other’s throats yet again, Ms. Dedra entered the scene stage left. She brought her good girl friend and client along to help her fight off the attacks, and I assume to hold her earrings if something popped off.

Kenya, always trying to play peacemaker, runs over to Dedra and suggests she comes over and make amends. Dedra flat out refuses, saying that she emailed Maja and has yet to receive a response. Unlike TLC, Dedra is way too proud to beg.

Eventually, in an effort to be as messy as possible, Beautii calls Dedra’s friend over to chat. She asks if she’s seen her before at Spoiled Opulence. The woman assured her that she hadn’t, but Beautii ended up drawing her in with her fake niceness and charm. Boy did that piss Dedra off. She yelled for her friend to follow her as she grabbed her coat. On the way out, she yells, “Bye Patricia!” in Beautii’s direction.

Baby, I DIED. Apparently Ms. Dedra has been utilizing her Goggle search and she found out that Beautii’s government name is Patricia. In her words:

“Back in the 70’s nobody was naming their child ‘Beautii’.”

Ha! After the art show, Dedra accuses Lakenya of being wishy-washy and it becomes clear that the two are beginning to move further and further apart.


While the other women were being petty, and Dedra was searching Google, Maja was on the search for some sexual healing. She set up what was supposed to be a “business meeting” with a fine ass man by the name of Stevie Baggs, Jr., but the meeting ended up taking an unexpected (not really) turn.


After having a few drinks and taking a few shots, Maja’s date informed her that she was dealing with a “grown ass man”, and Maja made it clear that she certainly hoped that was the case.


The mood changes when we see Maja at the doctor’s office. She’s there to inquire about her fertility. In her early 40’s, Maja worries that she may not be able to have children. After a messy divorce, Maja is simply trying to get her life back. Like she said, she had no idea that her ex husband, (who happens to be a doctor) would be “f*cking all the nurses.”


Mushiya and Beautii meet up. It was uneventful. Same ish. Different day. Moving on.


Next, Dedra meets up with a fortune teller/spiritual healer for some guidance. The lady basically tells her that if she doesn’t get her act together, she’ll continue to be friendless. She tells Dedra to drop the attitude and ego if she wants to be prosperous in her business, and in her relationships.

So Dedra takes her advice, and asks Mushiya to meet up with her. Against her husband’s wishes, Mushiya shows up (looking stunning, by the way) to hear what Dedra has to say. Two minutes into the sit-down, Dedra shows us exactly why nobody likes her. Her attitude sucks. Mushiya, who is never one to deal with the nonsense, gets up and leaves, telling Dedra to “Enjoy your sh*t!”


Now usually I think Mushiya is a bit over the top, but Dedra, you know what? At this point, I don’t care if these girls never talk to your tight-lipped behind ever again. Mushiya came attempting to work it out. You didn’t. Maybe the ladies were right. Wherever Dedra is, there’s bound to be some drama!

Tune in for episode 7 of Cutting it in the ATL next Thursday at 10 PM on WE TV.



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