Mia Love Returns White Supremacist Earl Holt’s Donations


Mia Love is the first Black Republican woman to be elected to Congress. She is also one of my least favorite people. Her politics alone are enough to make me dislike her, but the fact that she is a Black woman in America and STILL believes the things that come out of her mouth makes me wonder if she’s playing with a full deck.

So here’s what happening over there in Utah: Mia Love has received $1,000 in donations from a known white supremacist by the name of Earl Holt, and apparently…she don’t want it.

Just so you have an idea of how low down this guy is: It’s been said that Holt’s writings were an inspiration to racist and mass murderer Dylann Roof. *RED FLAG*

Holt, who is president Council of Conservative Citizens (a documented hate group), has also donated thousands of dollars to Republican candidates Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum in previous elections.

According to CNN, Cruz will also be returning Holt’s donations immediately.

So I wonder, Mia, is this a wake up call? I mean, you’re already a part of a religion that didn’t even believe Jesus loved Black people until 1978. You live in Utah, you’re a Republican…and *drum roll* –a WHITE SUPREMACIST has sent you a donation in support of your politics. Which means he likes your work…he’s a fan! I mean, is that not a bit unsettling?

Mia Love, I hope to sweet brown baby Jesus that this is a wake up call for you. Please return the 1,000 dollars, then immediately return to the Black community…we need to talk.



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