First Listen: Miguel’s WildHeart Now Available For Streaming


I love, love, love Miguel. He’s the epitome of an artist, and he’s a much needed breath of fresh air. In his latest work of art, WildHeart Miguel shows us just how talented and versatile he really is. A hybrid of Prince, Marvin Gaye and Al Green, Miguel doesn’t (ever) disappoint.


Via NPR:

In the aftermath of tragedies in cities like Ferguson and Charleston, and musical responses by artists like Kendrick Lamar, some will listen to Wildheart hoping for a more trenchantly political statement. But Wildheart is in its own way political, at least in the sense that it insists on a non-conforming identity and the search for authentic self in an era of collective tumult and disappointment. Some will also go to Wildheart looking for a sequel to the radio-ready nugget that was “Adorn.” But like Kanye West and Frank Ocean, Miguel seems to want to make albums as lasting concept statements more than he wants to churn out easily digestible hits. And so Wildheart’s hazy looseness will read to some as formlessness and undisciplined; for others, it will sound like a powerful declaration of artistic freedom.

To listen, click here.


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