Dominican Republic Continues “Racial Cleansing” Deporting Thousands of Haitians


More than 200,000 stateless people of Haitian descent living in the Dominican Republic are being forced to register for what they are calling the “regularization” program, or face mass deportation. The Dominican government is calling this a “racial cleansing,” while the rest of the world is calling it genocide.

Both Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the island of Hispaniola. But although they are extremely close in proximity, the two couldn’t be any further apart.

The conflict between the two countries began way back in 1937.

Via The Washington Post:

The 1937 Parsley Massacre is widely regarded as a turning point in Haitian-Dominican relations. The slaughter, carried out by Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo, targeted Haitians along with Dominicans who looked dark enough to be Haitian — or whose inability to roll the “r” in perejil, the Spanish word for parsley, gave them away.

Blood has been shed, and people are now linking the “cleansing” with the denationalization of Jews in Nazi Germany.

Sadly, there IS a link. What it all boils down to is colorism, racism, and classism. Here’s what New York city Mayor Bill de Blasio had to say according to the NY Daily News:

“It is clearly an illegal act. It is an immoral act. It is a racist act by the Dominican government,” de Blasio said. “And it’s happening because these people are black. And it cannot be accepted.”

For the full story, click here.

And watch this short clip in which a scholar explains that “Dominicans are in complete denial of who they are.”

This is all so heartbreaking.


One thought on “Dominican Republic Continues “Racial Cleansing” Deporting Thousands of Haitians

  1. We need to boycott all US businesses that support DR in order to get assistance to stop this injustice of history repeating itself. Hit me where it hurts… Their pockets. Stop going to their (DR) hair salons boycott their radio/tv stations (Univision), and stop renting crappy rooms from them in NYC. The locals in NYC that do rent rooms abuse the system as a minority but they want to deny their own black heritage. The rent out rooms in their apartments, don’t work & Barely speak English all while collecting government benefits. Google this room rental facts. Read the stories former tenants experienced under the hands of these people who feel like they are ballers in the lowest form. Haiti’s motto goes “United we stand and divided we fall!” Boycott all US businesses and airlines that go to DR. Do Not Vacation in Dominican Republlic! All people no matter what your color need to stand firm against this problem in DR. Our Haitian brothers and sisters go their to work for a better life and to provide for their families. These DR people have no right to look down on us for taking jobs that they would not. Which proves nothing but laziness on their part. Pride comes before the fall and they can not play God. Only he can judge ….their ignorance is sealed and is nothing impossible for God who sees it all. We must not standby we must stand tall. In this World we live in we must fight for Righteousness for the darker skinned people. It’s really a race issue in which they deny their own black heritage. Express yourself through our creator, grow wings and unseal fate… the twinkling of an eye we can all soar, fly and navigate the sky for a higher purpose…..boycott !!!! Boycott for humanity of all people! One love! Peace be with you!

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