Claudia Jordan Booted From RHOA-Is Nene to Blame?


Could the rumors be true? Claudia Jordan has JUST secured a spot on the hit reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta, and already she’s having to say goodbye?

According to TMZ, Jordan has been given the boot by producers on the show. Word on the street is that Claudia is getting kicked to the curb due to an ongoing battle with OG Nene Leakes. Sources say that Jordan was blind-sided by the change.

Hmmm…whatever the facts are, it’s unfortunate that Claudia MAY not be coming back. I’ve actually met her and she’s a pretty down to earth chic. And let’s be honest…she didn’t start any of those fights on the show. Nene came for her, and she simply clapped back.


Check out the infamous shade throwing match below.



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