Woman Ends Up Dead After Chasing Her Cheating Husband Around on the Highway


A Houston woman is dead this morning after her involvement in a high speed chase that’s gotten national attention. On Thursday, the woman got in her car and put the pedal to the metal. Who was she chasing? Her husband and his mistress.

The accident happened yesterday afternoon. Family members told Eyewitness News that a wife was pursuing her husband, who was in another vehicle with another woman. The wife, identified as Nancy Acosta, who was obviously driving like she was on a mission, lost control of her car, spinning, and striking another vehicle head on.


The man she struck lived through the accident, and was taken to a nearby hospital to treat his injuries.

Of course, the two cheaters are fine.

According to KHOU, Acosta’s friend said the husband would only come home to shower and eat but wouldn’t help with the children.

Acosta was a mother of three.


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