Taraji P Henson Covers Allure Magazine and Is Giving These Teenie Boppers a Run for Their Money


I mean, we’ve always known Taraji P. Henson was sexy. When she was introduced to us in the classic film Baby Boy as the no nonsense, dangerously in love “Yvette”, we all knew she had that “it” factor. But it seems like recently, with her newest role as Empire’s “Cookie”, she’s been getting a lot more attention, and people are starting to recognize exactly just how FINE she really is.

In an open and honest interview with Allure, Taraji talks about her past, the road to success, her love life, and more. The actress tells Allure that she’s “had so many false starts,” but she’s OK with that because “if it’s easy, what story are you going to tell?”


“I always wanted to be known by my work. Not who I dated, not who I slept with. I have a gift, and that gift is acting.”

For the full interview, click here.


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