“I Feel Like I’m In a Lady Gang-I want Out” Cutting It in the ATL Recap: Episode 5


Well it looks like Maja has gotten herself into a pickle that she can’t get out of. She’s basically saying that she wants to resign from whatever gang she accidentally signed up for. In last week’s episode, it was clear that Maja was over these hair divas. But this week, things just got a little more clearer!

Bang! Bang! Bang! We’re back in the Weave Weave West, and Maja Sly ain’t havin’ it. While the other ladies are bickering back and forth, Maja is indulging in cocktails and having meals prepared for her by a personal chef. As the scene opens, it’s obvious that last week’s fight has taken a toll on her.

Next, we see Mushiya and Beautii out and about shopping for Mushiya’s 10 year wedding anniversary. 10 years and 3 kids later, Mushiya and her husband are still managing to keep things steamy, and the Afro-centric stylist surprises us all when she gets in the studio and makes a song for her man.


Now I have to admit, when Mushiya was going around saying she had booked a studio, I laughed a little. Everybody and their MAMA thinks they’re an artist here in good ol’ Atlanta, GA. But when homegirl started singing, I had to eat my words, because baby girl can BLOW. The song was beautiful. Raunchy…but beautiful.

What I love about Mushiya is she keeps it real. Albeit, sometimes TOO real, she did share some excellent relationship advice for the ladies, and I think you guys need to hear it.

“A man needs a trophy, a whore, and a friend.” Mushiya says these women can’t do that, and that’s why they can’t keep a man!

I hear you Mushiya! Everybody needs a homie, lover, friend.

For those of you who didn’t know, this year marks 25 years since Beautii J has been in the hair industry. Now you didn’t hear this from ME, but some people are saying that Beautii is going around lying about her age, and how long she’s been in the industry…but that’s none of my business. All I know is that she looks great, no matter how old she is! As she prepared to set up for her anniversary party, she took the time to remind us all that she knows how to handle ANY kind of pole she can get her hands on.


LaKenya spent most of this episode trying to make amends with people, and trying to see if she should go to Beautii’s party. So she sat down to talk to her mentor, Dedra. Dedra’s response?


When the ladies arrived to Beautii’s shindig, everyone was playing nice until…they weren’t. Beautii’s plastic champagne glasses started falling apart, Maja confronted Beautii about her spy activity, and Mushiya went the hell off when she was confronted by Beautii J.


(Here stands Maja without a bottom to her glass)

The next thing you know, Mushiya is telling Beautii that it’s her 50th year in the industry and she should just be thankful that she’s still here, and just like that, Mushiya was put out.


Of course, Mushiya didn’t care, and she caused a scene outside. Something tells me she didn’t want to be there anyway. She hopped in her red Mercedes, sped home to her husband, and didn’t look back. The other ladies laughed all the way to their cars as well, leaving Beautii in the middle of the street…stuck.

At this point, I don’t know if Beautii will ever get the ladies back on her side. Before, everyone was making Dedra out to be the culprit, but like Kenya said during her confessional, “Dedra ain’t even here.”

For more recaps on Cutting It in the ATL, meet me here next week, same time same place.




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