“Coming Out”

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Stop the HATE.

Via TheAdvocate.com

Homicides of LGBTQ and HIV-impacted people increased 11 percent between 2013 and 2014, according to the figures released Tuesday by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs.

“There is a public perception that there is a sea change for LGBTQ people, and that is true for public opinion of LGBTQ people,” said Chai Jindasurat to BuzzFeed. Jindasurat coordinates programs with NCAVP.  “But it is still dangerous to be LGBTQ in the United States.” Homicides, he told The Guardian, “remain high with transgender people of color bearing the brunt of it.”

Taken together, researchers identified a four-year trend in which trans women and LGBTQ people of color experienced a greater risk of homicide than LGBTQ people and HIV-affected communities as a whole, according to the report. There were 20 homicides last year, according to NCAVP’s data, with 80 percent being people of color and 11 were transgender women of color.

Another problem is how police file their reports. In 2014, just 6 percent of the incidents that NCAVP classified as bias crimes were classified that way by police, the report found. The group classifies bias or hate crimes as those committed because the victims were targeted due to their identity.

“When law enforcement does not take the violence seriously, it sends a message to survivors that what happens to them is not a problem,” said Jindasurat. “On a macro level, it continues to minimize the extent of the problem.”

Many incidents are not reported. The report found just over half of victims — 54 percent — reported their crimes to police, which was up from 45 percent in 2013.


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