4 Year Old Plants a Kiss on Ring Bearer Because “It’s My Wedding Too”


Every little girl dreams of the day that they’ll get to ride off into the sunset with their Prince Charming. The allure of it all. The white dress, the glam…I mean, who doesn’t want to dress up like a princess? Well 4-year-old Anderson of Tennessee is no different.

When this couple and the bridal party got together for pictures after the wedding, photographer Leah Bullard instructed the couple to kiss. Naturally Anderson, who had been telling people it was HER wedding, thought it was finally time to kiss her groom.


About this awesome moment? The photographer says she was just doing her job.

‘I strive to capture the moment of the day,’ Bullard told the Free Press.

‘So for me to be able to capture that moment, that’s a moment that the families can look back on for years to come and laugh and relive it over again.’

And laugh they will, I’m sure. What does Miss Busy Body have to say? Well, she says she’s in love.

You know what? I’m glad to know that two couples were able to find love that day. It’s what the world needs more of. Unfortunately, I don’t think Ikey had much of a say in the matter.





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