Gay Couple Buys


This is my favorite couple. Let me tell you why.

Charlie Rainwater and C.J. Phillips of Portland, Oregon, might go down in history as some of the biggest bosses on the planet. In an effort to spread awareness about LGBTQ issues, these two purchased back in 2008, and they’ve been on a mission to educate the masses ever since.

Via the site:

“We find ourselves at a crossroad. How can we help our friends, family, and neighbors have the discussions we all need to have so we can learn from each other and break down some of the tension, drama, and sometimes outright ignorance of our fellow man?”

The couple, who have been together since 1996 (there goes the myth that gay people can’t hold down a serious relationship), say that Jeb Bush and his people have tried to buy the site on several occasions. However, according to Business Week, Jeb isn’t the only person trying to buy the site. Apparently one person wanted to buy it as a birthday gift for their friend!


If you know me, this story tickles me pink. This is the ultimate act of “nah nah nah boo boo” and I’m here for it! This will be the only time in history that you will ever witness me applaud something that has the name Jeb Bush or any other Bush on it for that matter. Bravo C.J. and Charlie! Way to stick it to The MAN!


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