Donald Trump Is Running for President And Everybody is Moving to Canada


(Image via The Daily Beast)

It was extraordinarily hot today in Atlanta, and now I know why. The floodgates of Hell have opened up, and Donald Trump has emerged with an announcement.

He’s running for President. That’s right, the toupee wearing good ol’ boy has been trolling President Obama for years, and now he’s decided he can run the country better than Barack. Not sure what kind of drugs Donald Trump is on, but apparently, he thinks this is a good idea.

After twenty years of not being able to decide whether or not he wants to run for President, Trump is convinced that he’ll be a good decision maker as the leader of the Free World. According to Trump, “the American dream is dead” and he plans on making our “country great again.”

If hating poor people, Black people and women is your definition of “great”, then by all means, buy your Donald Trump 2016 lawn sign NOW. But if you don’t want a douchebag President who spends more time getting his hair laid than he does reading, then you probably should reserve your vote for someone else.

Lastly, what does Trump want U.S. citizens to remember when they’re headed to the voting booths on election day?

Via CNN:

“I’m really rich,” adding that his confident attitude is what the country needs after having “losers” run the country. I wonder if my girl NeNe will vote for him. They already have two things in common.



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