Big Sean Gives Back in a Major Way


The media rarely reports the good stuff celebs do. The only things I knew about rapper Big Sean before is that he dated Ariana Grande, that the “Big” in his name is funny, and that he’s “way up” and feels “blessed.” But now, thanks to recent reports, I’ve learned that Big Sean actually has a nonprofit called The Sean Anderson Foundation. A week ago, the rapper made good on his promise to a bunch of teens in Detroit to build a recording studio if they raised their ACT scores. And just like that…scores went up.

It’s official. The kids at Cass Technical High School in Midtown Detroit (Sean’s old school) finally have their studio.

“Me and adidas [Originals] teamed up and I just opened my own recording studio in the high school for the kids,” he told MTV.

Sean even gave his two cents on the education system in America.

“Education is changing, man,” Big Sean says. “A lot of these kids, they’re out of the traditional way of learning. We try and misdiagnose them with things like ADD or this and that, and sometimes it may be the case, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes they’re addicted to their phones because that’s how they’re learning now. Things are changing. This is a step forward in that direction. They can learn so much, from engineering, to recording, to just creative, man. The possibilities are endless.”

That they are, Sean. Guess I don’t have a problem calling you “Big” after all. Looks like you’re making some big boy moves to me! Good stuff!


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