Tampons Should Be Free Dammit! NYC Councilwoman Agrees


Let’s give a hand clap for councilwoman Julissa Ferreras. She know it’s hard out here for people who don’t have penises, and she’s attempting to make things just a little bit easier for us…even if it’s just free tampons.

According to the NY Mag, the lawmaker is moving forward with a plan that would make tampons free in high school bathrooms, because, “in a city where we hand out free condoms, we should be making tampons more affordable and accessible. It’s a matter of avoiding health risks, affordability and women’s equality.”


Ferreras also wants to petition Albany to exempt tampons and other feminine hygiene products from the sales tax.

If you’re a woman, you know just how hard it is to “own a vagina.” One day they’re fine, and the next day they’re throwing a bitch fit. Personally, I don’t think my vagina wants to be here. I think she wants to live independently. She’s not really a team player.

But in case you were wondering just how much it does cost to own a vagina, the good people over at Jezebel broke it down, here.

I for one, am super into councilwoman Ferreras. I think she should run for President. Then maybe we can get this law in place for grown lady vaginas too. Let’s be real, all of this crap is just too damn expensive!


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