Rachel Dolezal: You Ain’t Foolin Nobody…Well You Are. Just Not Me.

JEROME A. POLLOS/Press Rachel Dolezal, director of education & curator of the Human Rights Education Institute, discusses the offering of Human Rights Education Institute flags Monday in response to flags flown by local hate groups.

Rachel Dolezal girl, I’ve had it up to here with you. Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to dissect this whole thing. Reading article after article, watching video after video for any sign of just what the hell is going on with you. But I’m onto you now. I know exactly what this is.

When I first got wind of what was happening over there in Spokane, Washington, I didn’t think there was anyone I could dislike more than you. But then your supporters came out of the wood works, and I disliked them more than I could ever dislike you.

Then a white man said this to me on Instagram.


“I mean if anything I would believe her own race would probably be the most offended and lied to. Maybe she really really wanted to be seen as a Black lady. I’m not sure why, but that’s her decision. I would have looked at it like, “Oh so must really like us to be one of us, welcome to our club.”


First of all, thanks Mr. White Man for telling me how I should feel as a Black woman when someone is impersonating me. Also, let me make something very CLEAR. Being Black is not a “club” or an “organization” you can just join whenever you get a feeling down in your bones. Being Black is something you just are, and a lot of sh*t comes with that that I don’t think Rachel Dolezal or anyone else who wanted to “join the club” could actually handle.

People’s need to defend Rachel Dolezal tells me one thing: Even in her attempt to be Black, a white woman will always be protected, and her honor will always be defended by EVERYONE.

I mean really, what ARE you defending? The fact that she’s done “great work” in the community? Ok.

Does your self hate, your hate for Black women, Black people in general allow you to think that a woman, parading around in Black face, mocking a culture, and occupying a private space is OK? Do you truly believe that? You cannot possibly believe that Rachel Dolezal is the end all be all when it comes to civil rights and the progression of Black folk in America. There are young Black leaders nationwide who work tirelessly DAILY to make a change in this country. Where was Rachel Dolezal?

Just today, a Black person wrote this on her Facebook Page

Dear Mrs. Dolezal… in the wake of all the negative media hoopla, I am savvy and educated enough to first not care what you did, but educated enough to understand why. I am so sorry that people of color, who have themselves passed as other races cannot see the sincerity in your situation, or even the fact that those who passed sometimes made a better way for those who could not; I would like to believe that you were so committed to your causes and actions that you felt it best to be, be like, and become more than a part of the race of people who you had obviously grew to love and respect , admired and sincerely wanted to see advance as a people. People/the media is attempting to liken your actions to some sort of Al Jolson character and that what you did defamed and deprived AA of various rights, when it is better than well known that 90% of us still don’t even understand that as Americans we have inalieable rights, let alone the right to education, and other funds. Mrs. Dolezal.. don’t hide, keep pushing, this will kick the hate mongers right where they sit… remember you did this for a cause and action,,, please do not allow that cause or those actions to regress, and become regretted, simply because your heart told you to help a people that could not help themselves… I GIVE YOU KUDOS… and a blessing for whatever work you have accomplished… Selah SISTER!

An apology. A got damn apology. Why are Black people apologizing to Rachel Dolezal? Why is the onus always on US as Black people? Get hit by a bus? Sorry. Someone breaks and enters into your house. Sorry. Someone dresses up as YOU for 15 years and acts as a martyr? Sorry. Just what in the hell are you sorry for? Somehow, in all of this, Rachel Dolezal has become the victim.

Let’s be real. The woman wanted to know what it felt like to be Black, and she wanted to get a free pass to use the N Word.

She PRETENDED to be oppressed. She WANTED to be discriminated against. Must be nice to actually WANT to be treated badly, and it never actually happen. She’s made a long list of claims since she’s been a Black woman. First, she claimed that people were sending pictures of lynchings to her P.O. Box. Police investigated and dropped the case. (In short…the heiffer as lying.) Back in 2010, she claimed that someone had sent a noose to her place of employment. Then, as an employee at Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations, she  claimed that someone had placed a swastika on her door. It turns out that the incident happened while the security cameras had been “mysteriously turned off.” The lady even went as far as saying that she and her parents lived in a teepee. It wasn’t enough to mock Black folk. She just HAD to have a slice of the Native American pie. It was too tempting. The NATIVE AMERICANS! A people that was completely wiped out, pillaged, disrespected and neglected by white folk. Really? THEN she kept the lie going when she told everybody she and her family used to live in South Africa. She claimed that her parents would beat her and her brothers with whips as a form of punishment. WHIPS!

This woman wanted desperately to know what it felt like to be marginalized. It’s incredibly offensive considering that there are real life victims of racism who aren’t getting nearly as much attention.

When you really think about it…everything makes sense now. The woman went above and beyond to compensate for what it was she felt she lacked. She criticized Eminem for “appropriating Black culture”, she wears the longest braids I’ve ever seen in my life, she is a connoisseur of Black art, she’s an “AFRICAN Hair Stylist”, a Zulu dancer, and she’s the President of her local NAACP…I mean, she’s Black on paper. I mean, check out her bio!


In the midst of everything that’s been going on…Rachel has been trying to keep a semi-low profile. She’s protected (locked) her tweets, and has seemingly gone on hiatus. She even attempted to cancel an NAACP meeting yesterday, but the good Reverend Dr. Lawrence Brunley wasn’t havin’ it.

One of the other things that annoys me about this whole debacle is that people are now trying to make “trans-racial” a thing. NEWSFLASH: Trans-racial isn’t a thing, and if it were, Black people wouldn’t reap the benefits. If my Black ass decided today that I was white, it wouldn’t stop the Klu Klux Klan from hating my guts. It just doesn’t work that way. Just another example of white privilege.

Black folk are so willing to take this woman in and protect her from all of the other “angry Black people”…and that’s bothersome. Essentially we’re telling Rachel “thanks” for wanting to be Black, and violating us, her friends and family? Trust me, Black brothers and sisters, we’re not that hard pressed for new “members.”

For those of you who are still unclear, this is what Rachel Dolezal has been doing for the last 15 years.





THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR RACHEL DOLEZAL TO DRESS UP AS A BLACK WOMAN. Rachel could have contributed to the movement as a white lady, and everybody would have been perfectly fine with that, but she chose to be deceitftul. She chose to see how far she could take it, and see what she could get away with. She chose to “perform” Blackness, based on what she thought Black was. The truth is, Blackness isn’t something you can perform. She chose to violate and betray the very people that she’s “fighting for.” And that’s really a slap in the face.



And last but not least, the transgender, “trans-racial” comparison. Stop it. Most people making this comparison have no idea what transgender or “trans-racial” even means. Just yesterday, you didn’t know the difference between gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity, but now you have a PhD in trans issues? Save it.

So for all you people that are still on the Rachel Dolezal bandwagon…whatcha doin there? Why are you there? If you can’t see what this woman did and IS doing is wrong, then you should find the nearest island, go there, and take Rachel with you.

And as much as I know about Rachel Dolezal, there are still some questions that have gone unanswered:

1. Did Rachel ever go swimming?

2. Where is her husband?

3. Did she ever bring potato salad to the cookout?

I need to know! If y’all get the answers to these very important questions, please comment below!




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