Mommy Issues Lead to Night Club Brawls-Cutting It in the ATL: Episode 4 Recap


Per usual, last night’s episode of Cutting It had me clutching my imaginary pearls and yelling at the TV screen. Click below to get the scoop on what these habitual hair hustlas have been up to.


When is Maja gonna learn that these women just don’t want to get along? She’s out here trying to be Gandhi and all these women wanna do is drink cocktails and throw jabs. She should be tired of these women arguing over perfectly good meals and mixed drinks.

Here’s what happened: The ladies met at a club/lounge to discuss the issues they’d been having. They were all instructed to go around the table and share their grievances. When it was Dedra’s turn, she decided she didn’t have beef with anyone, assuring the girls that she “loved them all.”


Ms. Mushiya, however, was not having it. She told Dedra that she needed to come up with another comment, because she wasn’t buying it. In her confessional, she reminded Dedra that she didn’t even LIKE her, so there was no way that she could love her. Beautii took that as her opportunity to take a jab at Kenya and Dedra, and that’s when things went downhill.

Before I knew it, Dedra’s eyes were bulging out of her head, and sister girl was on her feet. She threw some cash in Beautii’s face like she was a five dollar ho, and Beautii reached over like Scottie Pippen, taking Maja down with her.


Dedra was thrown out by security, and Maja went home nursing her big toe.

After the fight, Maja stopped answering everybody’s calls and went M.I.A. She was basically sending all Beautii’s calls straight to voicemail.


She couldn’t hide for long though, because she runs into Mushiya at the bar. Honey, Mushiya drops the bomb that Beautii J has been spying on Walk in Weaves and Maja doesn’t take too kindly to that. She can’t get to her Xanax fast enough before she’s going the hell off, and promising Mushiya that she’s going to get to the bottom of the sneaky activity.

And poor little LaKenya just wants a mentor, and all of her mentors are just batsh*t crazy,  so she ends up taking a meeting with a business coach about possibly opening her own salon. The lady basically tells her that it costs to be the boss, and LaKenya ends up having to rethink her business strategy because she doesn’t have enough coins in the bank.


Prior to everything going down, Dedra met up with her auntie to talk about her childhood, and we found out that she has some unresolved mommy issues. She says she believes that they might be the source of her anger. Whatever the source is, we hope she makes a trip to the psychiatrist, and takes the other ladies with her. For now, take a trip to Maja’s house and dig in her medicine cabinet.



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