Finally: Barbie Comes in All Colors


Finally! Last week, Mattel announced that they are introducing some diversity to their doll collections. It only took them five decades, but hey, we’ll take it!

CNN reported that the dolls will come in eight different skin tones, 14 facial structures, 22 hairstyles, 23 hair colors, and 18 eye colors. Yes!

If you’ve ever been a little girl, or have a little girl, you know the negative impact of not being able to play with dolls that look like you. The European “standard of beauty” is forced down our throats at a very early age. I’m glad Mattel is taking steps to change that.

But I have to point out, that wanting to look EXACTLY like a doll is never good, no matter what shade of skin they have. I mean, take this woman for example. Meet 28- year old Valeria Lukyanova.


Via Mirror

The model, who claims she is a ‘breatharian’ – someone who doesn’t eat or drink, only breathes – puts her tiny waist down to her genes (and perhaps ever so slightly her starvation?) although surgeons believe she may have had ribs removed…

Yikes! Luckily, Mattel decided to increase Barbie’s waist size way back in 1997…but if you ask me, the proportions are still a bit unrealistic.

What do you think? Are we excited about the new additions?


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