Brandon Brooks, The Teen Who Filmed KcKinney Incident, Gets a Peace Pool Party


You might remember Dancing Man and the awesome people who helped him throw the Dance Party of his life. It was great to see so many people rally around a person who had been a victim of cyber bullying…and just bullying in general. I mean, really, the man just wanted to dance. Now in the wake of everything that’s gone on in McKinney the same wonderful person who made the “Dancing Man’s” dreams come true, is on a mission to do the same for Brandon Brooks, the teenager who caught the Mckinney incident on tape.


Brandon Brooks spoke out against Officer Casebolt’s use of excessive force at a pool party gone wrong in McKinney, Texas last weekend, and many of us feel like he’s a hero. Having the courage to stand up for what you know is right at such a young age, even in the face of adversity is a brave thing to do. Cassandra Fairbanks who is a writer, and social justice activist, has decided that Brooks deserves a pool party of his own.

I love the idea, and obviously, I think this kid and his friends deserve it. You can make this pool party happen with one click here.

I’m rooting for you guys! Make it happen!


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