KimYe Rent Disney Land for North West’s Bday


Every kid wants to go to Disney Land, right? Well when you’re North West, you don’t get to simply GO to Disney Land, you get to have the entire thing to yourself…because your parents are super important.

On June 15th, Kim and Kanye are going to shut Disney Land DOWN for little North West’s second birthday.

disney land

According to NME, the people over at Disney Land had this to say:

“Disneyland will be open on June 15th as a regular business day. Although we don’t comment on private visits, private parties are not uncommon here. Please contact the Kardashian/West camp for any info on their plans.”
That’s code for “Yes.”
Wow. It must be nice to be a West. Happy birthday Northie Poo! Maybe she’ll bring her bestie Penelope along.

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