Chris Brown Forces His Way Into Karreuche’s Ride


Y’all Chris Brown is at it again. This time, it looks like he just might be stalking Karreuche. Now, I’m no Olivia Benson, but it definitely didn’t look like she wanted him to go home with her last night.

The two were spotted at Playhouse in LA, Thursday night. Karreuche was there to support long time friend Christina Milian, who was hosting. But it looks like the party ended when Chris showed up. He reportedly bought a VIP table directly beside hers, and Karreuche decided it was time to go. But Chris wasn’t going to let her off that easily. So he followed.


Apparently, after Chris De-Boed his way into the SUV,  he got dropped off at friends a few minutes later. Karreuche simply was not feeling it. That’s not where the story ends, though. Chris showed up at Karreuche’s door in the middle of the night, and started knocking like he was the police.
Finally, Karreuche got up and met Chris at a diner. They yelled at each other and made a whole scene. Karreuche left without Chris.
Ummmm….is anyone else wondering where Chris’ friends are? Geez!
Check out the video of him inside Karreuche’s SUV.

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