Creflo Dollar’s Ministry Says You Won’t Stand Between Their Pastor and His Jet


Creflo and his people are ballin’ out of control, and that’s none of our business, they say.


The first video campaign was a major fail and was yanked from the internet within days. But now the good people of

The people of the church are saying that no one is being pressured to donate, and all Creflo and his wife Taffi want to do is share the love of Jesus.


Now call me crazy, but people have shared the love of Jesus with much less. I never realized that having a $65 million jet was a pre-requisite for sharing the goodness of Jesus. Listen, I believe you can buy whatever you want with your money, but when you’re asking that people DONATE, that becomes something different. And as a pastor, a jet shouldn’t be your priority. But hey, what do I know? I’m not a pastor. And according to the Bible I can’t have an opinion on this anyways…so I’m just going to have a seat, and head to the kitchen.

For more info, check out the church’s statement online.


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