Cast of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black Covers Essence Magazine



Oh my GOD! These ladies look AMAZING on the cover of Essence and I am loving every bit of it. As the cover proclaims, these women are “Sexy in Every Size”, and I don’t think there’s any debating that.

However, inside, the women discuss their personal battles with body image.

Laverne Cox, AKA “Sophia”, who also happens to be a transgender activist, says that she makes a conscious effort to love herself, flaws and all.

“This is intense, and it’s hard. What I’ve been doing is looking in the mirror and listing all the things I have an issue with and then saying, ‘This is beautiful.’ I just go down the list and tell myself, ‘You have to accept that this is you today.’ I make time to do this.”

Danielle Brooks, AKA “Taystee” also shares her experience, dealing with body image in Hollywood.

“Being [my size] in this industry is so rare,” says 25-year-old stunner, Danielle Brooks, “but regular people look more like me than runway models. To show beauty in a different way really lights me up inside. That’s so cheesy, but it does.”

And Emmy-winner Uzo Aduba, AKA “Crazy Eyes” admits that she hasn’t always loved her smile.

“For the majority of my first 18 years, I hated my gap. My mom would tell me that in Nigeria, it’s a sign of beauty. I was like, ‘We’re in Massachusetts.'” She continues, “Today there’s not a selfie or personal photo I take where I’m not smiling wide. It sometimes feels as if I’m making up for lost smiles.”

To read more about all of the ladies pick up the July issue of Essence, on newsstands NOW.

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