50 Cent Strips Down to His Underwear for His New Campaign


50 Cent is a Jack of all trades. A modern day Renaissance man, if you will. This guy has really turned his life around over the past few years. I guess getting shot nine times can do that to a brotha. 50, like many of the more seasoned guys in the rap game, has become a much respected business man. From tank tops, to water, Curtis Jackson knows how to get those checks! And now, this guy is peddling underwear.

Get a load of this.


Anybody else impressed? Ladies, doesn’t every crazy man you’ve ever known look EXACTLY like this? All fine and muscular…and crazy?

But even if 50 is crazy, he definitely isn’t stupid. The rapper’s partnership with the new high-end underwear line Frigo is lining his pockets big time (when he has on pants). By the way, these bad boys are going for $100 a piece.

50 signed the deal with the brand back in December 2014 and announced the multi-million contract via Instagram. The line was founded by Mathias Ingvarsson two years ago in 2013.

Mr. Cent, who neve rminds  tooting his own horn, has this to say via Instagram:

‘Boy I told you I was going to the GYM, come with me. Now I’m your women’s MCM, kiss her good bye. LMAO’.


 ‘I just did a deal for $78 million for underwear. What did you m****f***** do today? Lllllllllooooolllllllllll #Boom #FRIGO’.

Well now. That’s a good question 50. What HAVE I done today?

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