NYPD Officer Uses Dead Man’s Credit Card to Buy a Diamond Ring


Last year, 30-year-old Ymmacula Pierre, an NYPD police officer got a phone call requesting that she check up on 65-year-old Ken Sanden. When she arrived on the scene, the man was dead. Apparently, that was good news for Pierre, because the hussy stole his credit card.

The officer then decided to go online and reward herself with a $3,200 diamond ring from Zales, because if you’re gonna buy a diamond, you better buy it from “The Diamond Store.”

After months of investigation, Pierre has finally been charged with possession of stolen property, identity theft and official misconduct. She pleaded not guilty in court. Pierre has been on the force for three years. (Enough time to learn all the NYPD tricks she needed to know)

And as you probably already guessed, Pierre was not fired. She is on unpaid leave for 30 days.



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