Rihanna Does It Again: The Dress That Said It All


Just when I thought Rihanna had used up all the tricks in her book, she pulls a number out of her closet that sends the internet into a tizzy. Click below to view.


This dress, which reads “YOU WILL NEVER OWN ME” on the front, and “I WILL NEVER FEAR YOU” on the back is one hell of a statement piece. I am in LOVE, and I want it! Rihanna is pictured here, last night in NY, on her way to take over the universe.


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The dress was designed by Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James of Australia, who are now by the way my favorite people due to their mission statement, which is as follows:

Mission Statement

My favorite part was

DI$COUNT allows us freedom. We’re designing our own place in the system. It’s through the subversion of, the fucking with the fashion framework, that DI$COUNT was developed, and the output is steeped in humour and irony, cliché and imitation.
DI$COUNT is a brand, an idea, an image, a dialogue, a strategy, a transformation, a design, this blog, a motion picture, a label, a personality, a website, a quote, a garment, an emotion and an evolution.


Perhaps she was on the way to a dinner date with French soccer player Karim Benzema. They’ve been seen out and about a lot lately.


But with Rihanna, you never can tell. Live your life girl. These people don’t own you!


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