The Weave Game is Like the Crack Game in the 80’s-Cutting It Season 1 Episode 2 Gets Real


Last week’s season premiere of Cutting in the ATL was everything we hoped for. We couldn’t have asked for a better cast of women. From now on, I’m calling them the “Triple C Crew.” Cunning, Cute, and Crazy.

This drama-filled episode kicks off with Maja, as she finds out that her salon has been burglarized AND vandalized. She must have really pissed someone off with her $50 weaves concept, because one of her haters worked up enough nerve to throw a cinder block through her salon window! Before she can get the cinder block up off of her check-in counter, Dedra walks in to issue an apology for her behavior at the brunch. Maja, who is always a class act, accepts the apology, but hurries Dedra’s a** on out the door, so she can board up her windows and get that cinder block moved to her back office.

Cut to Ms. Beautii J AKA Olivia Benson. In a sick and twisted scheme to see what her competitor Maja Sly had going on across the street, Beautii sent one of her most loyal clients to get one of Maja’s infamous $50 weaves. Upon her return, Beautii took a magnifying glass and a lighter to her client’s new hair, and in the end, she concluded that the hair quality was good, but the style sucked.


In an attempt to steer the ladies in another direction, Mushiya invites the cast out to a women’s empowerment event for her “I am Strong” campaign. “I am Strong” is an awesome charity that was created to help women in need, especially women who are homeless, or have been involved in violent/unhealthy relationships.

Everything was going great, until Dedra and LaKenya showed up. Mushiya made it her mission to set Dedra straight, and as a result, she zeroed in on the poor woman before anything charity-like could take place. She basically told Dedra that she needed to get her attitude together, or get to steppin’. Dedra explained that she was sick, but Mushiya wasn’t having it, and she, along with her husband turned into bouncers and put Dedra and LaKenya up out of the Damn Salon. Mushiya proceeded to insult Dedra, by saying she looked like a “d*ckhead.” Yikes.


Then, before Maja and her stylists could sew in another $50 weave, somebody had broken another window at her salon! According to Maja, 150 bundles of hair had gone missing. But not only was hair missing, money was missing too! Finally, after further investigation, Maja decided it was an inside job, and ended up firing one of her employees. Now, anybody who knows Maja knows she doesn’t play about her COINS. It’s no surprise that Maja had absolutely NO problem firing ANYBODY she suspected of stealing from her. Good riddance!


Towards the end, Maja is seen crying in her office all alone on the verge of a mental breakdown. And all I could think was, “If this is what selling hair is like, then baby I don’t want to ever sell hair a day in my life.” Like Maja said, the weave game is like the drug game in the 80’s. It’s dangerous in these Atlanta streets! Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your weave!

Hopefully these ladies can get it together in Episode 3, because right now, it’s the Weave Weave West.




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