KimYe is Pregnant…Again!


If you’re like me, you’ve been enjoying the many faces of Kim and Kanye’s first baby girl, North West. But you’ve also been wondering when Kim and Kanye were going to get pregnant with baby number two. Kim’s sister, Kourtney has been popping out babies left and right, and now Kim is finally playing catch up.

Last night on an episode of Keep Up With the Kardashians, Kim revealed to her sisters that she was expecting. Apparently, this time around, it’s been really hard for Kim to get pregnant, and after lots of hard work (around the clock sex), she has a baby in the oven.

In a convo with Kendall Jenner, the busty beauty shared how desperate she was to have another baby: “I complain so much about how I hated being pregnant, and I never thought I would be begging to be pregnant.

“Trying for baby number two is just not fun like baby number one … I’m like, ‘I’m ovulating in five minutes! Get over here!'” Basically, Kim said she was “exhausted.”


Reportedly, Kim had been undergoing IVF. But now, it looks like the poor woman (and Kanye) can finally rest, as their wish has been granted.

Congrats Kim and Ye! I wonder what they’ll name their new bundle of joy? South West? What do you think the name should be? Comment below!


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