Rob Kardashian Finally Goes to Rehab


While his sister’s have been posing naked, dating rappers, and taking flights all over the world, Rob has been in his room…alone. It’s really sad when you think about it. We haven’t seen him in months!

The reality star, who was once known for being the super hot Kardashian brother, is now extremely overweight, and admittedly unhappy. Fortunately, he has finally decided to make a change.

According to Love B Scott, Rob checked in to a rehab facility over the weekend and has plans to stay until December. The celeb is being treated for drug and alcohol abuse, and hopes to lose a few pounds in the process.


HOWEVER, momager, Kris Jenner says that these claims are nothing more than rumors. “Completely fabricated,” she told Entertainment Tonight.


Listen, if this IS true, I am all for this. Depression is a real thing, and I hope he is able to find peace. Personally, I believe that he SHOULD be in rehab. No shame in that. Don’t give up Rob! We’re rooting for you!


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