Burglars. Battles. And Beefs. Oh My! : Recap of WE TV’s Cutting It Episode 3


Per usual, last week, the Cutting It ladies did not disappoint. The hair divas hit the beauty salon floors RUNNING with scissors, and really gave us a show. This week was no different. The ladies kept us glued to our screens.


The show opens with Maja Sly stressed all the way out. Being in the hair business has brought her enemies that she never expected…and they were armed with cinder blocks! All shaken up, Maja signs up for a self defense class, and asks Beautii J to join. Both of the ladies thought it would be a good idea to meet up, and talk business. So Maja arrives with a portable wine glass, and things get interesting. They start breaking boards, and kicking the air and all kinds of other Billy Blanks stuff. It looked therapeutic, to say the least.


While there, Beautii tries to draw Maja in to her drama with Dedra, but Maja doesn’t bite. She makes it clear that she is only there for the bundles and the coins. Everything else is secondary. In her words, “It’s hard out here in these streets.”


In the midst of everything else these ladies have going on, Mushiya and Beautii decide to enter into a hair show. Because both of the ladies talk an unprecedented amount of trash, they each insisted that they were going home with the crown.


(Neither of them did)

Beautii J DID win fourth place, though. Strangely enough, Mushiya didn’t even get a trophy. I actually liked her team’s performance. They were giving us Coming to America realness and it was entertaining.


LaKenya and Dedra continue to work on their blossoming friendship, and things seem to be going well. Later on in the episode, the two end up at the hair show thanks to Kenya. When they get there, they’re confronted by Beautii’s sister Genysis. Genysis was looking to clear the air, and get things squared away with Dedra, but the “Countess of Class” Ms. Beautii J was not havin’ it! In her world, you’re either #TeamBeautii or #TeamDedra, and apparently, there’s no in between. Of course, Beautii wanted to make that very clear, and decided to come over and confront Dedra in the middle of the expo.


Per usual, Dedra was ready for action. According to her, we were all about to be introduced to her alter ego “Simone”…and “Simone” doesn’t play that.


My favorite part about the whole scene was when Dedra (now Simone) went into her purse and pulled out a wad of CASH MONEY for LaKenya’s booth rent. She tried to give it to Beautii J, but Maja wouldn’t let her. Kenya, on the other hand, was like, “Yesss. Please, girl give her the money.” I feel you Kenya.


By the time the ladies had calmed down a bit, Maja was diagnosing people, prescribing medicine, and running home to wash her Xanax down with some libations. The hair show proved to be way too much for her. What I like about Maja is that she has absolutely NO problem leaving these ladies in the dust when she’s had enough. She simply waves goodbye. I guess it’s easy to be happy when you have a purse full of goodies.


But one person who doesn’t seem to be very good at letting things go is Ms. Beautii J. I love her, but she made it very clear that she was NOT going to let Dedra live in peace. And let’s be real, Beautii J is the LAST person you’d want as an enemy. If the girl isn’t anything else, she’s persistent. Dedra, honey, watch out!


I can’t wait to see what these ladies have planned in Episode 4. I’m sure it will be truly unbeweaveable.


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