Rap Quote Signs Are Taking Over the Streets of Atlanta


Atlanta is known for a lot of things: Strip clubs, good food, the Falcons, celebrities…the list goes on…and of course, there’s rap music. In an effort to honor Atlanta’s rich musical history, some GENIUS has propped dozens of red rap quote signs up throughout the city, and I couldn’t be more delighted about this initiative!


Well in case you were wondering who that genius is, he’s a New York Street artist by the name of Jay Shell. Mike Walbert of the oh so poppin’ A3C festival, extended an invite to Shell  to visit ATL and take on the hip hop history project.

There’s no denying that Hip Hop has a huge impact on Atlanta residents, and I’m excited to run into one of these little pieces of art really soon! Check out some more signs here and take a look at this video below!

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