Anita Baker and Cheryl Lynn Are Twitter Beefing

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The last thing I thought I’d wake up to this morning is some senior citizen Twitter beef, but unfortunately, it was the FIRST thing I woke up to! Y’all’s auntie n ‘nem are on social media actin’ a plum fool, and there are no signs of the beef being over any time soon.

So apparently, Anita Baker, (a woman who I love with all my heart, regardless of her rumored bad attitude) has BLOCKED Cheryl Lynn. For those of you who don’t know, when someone “blocks” you on social media, they pretty much want to act like you don’t exist.

And for those of you who were born AFTER 1987, and only listen to what they play on the radio, Cheryl Lynn has given us countless hits over the years, including “Got to Be Real”, “Encore”, and “If This World Were Mine.” In other words, she ain’t no slouch.

So you can imagine my disbelief when I found out that these two LEGENDS were going at each other’s throats. Check out the tweets.

Listen, I don’t know if Ms. Lynn had one too many cups of Hennessy, or if she just really had some sh*t to get off her chest, but either way, I’m gonna need some background info. Online, everybody was being SO shady to Cheryl acting like they had never heard of her, and kept telling her to log off. But I’m with Cheryl on this one…why did Anita block this lady? Did Cheryl win all the money at the Bingo game, or somethin’? I’m just so confused.

Granted, Cheryl could’ve stayed off of social media, but hey, all of us have aired our dirty laundry on Twitter at some point or another. I just hope the Tom Joyner Cruise doesn’t turn into the Source awards this year. That would break my heart.




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