Recap: Season 1 of WE TV’s Cutting It in the ATL Premiered Last Night & These Ladies Aren’t Taking Clip From Anyone


If you’ve been following me, you know that I’ve been on the Cutting It in the ATL train for quite some time now. Attending press luncheons, screenings, and “watch parties” all so I can get a good idea of who these women are. After watching the first episode a couple of times, I must say, these ladies are bringing the heat considering they’re the new kids on the block. Last night’s episode was a BLOW OUT!

Word of the Day: SHADE

Noun acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone/dissing a friend

Ok, so now that you’ve been schooled…I can tell you that this episode was full of SHADE. Like, this might be the shadiest show I’ve ever seen. From backhanded compliments, to in your face insults, this episode had me all over the place. From the beginning to the end, I had no idea who were friends, and who weren’t. And to be honest, I’m STILL confused.

But here’s what I DO know: These ladies will be giving us GREAT TV for the next couple of months.

This is how it all went down:

Maja Sly, the owner of Walk-In Weaves and Pretty Hair is opening up new locations all over town.


So in the opening, Ms. Beautii J, who also does extensions, did a drive by to one of Maja’s locations downtown. She poked her head in and started asking Maja a million and one questions like she was the hair weave police. I don’t blame her though. She was trying to get the 411. After all, Maja IS her competition. The convo wrapped after a few minutes, and the women went their separate ways, throwing shade up until to the very end.

Cut to brunch. Maja thought it would be a good idea to bring all of the ladies together to talk business. Some people, however started showing their true colors as soon as they stepped foot in the place…namely, Dedra. She simply wasn’t having it.


She obviously had no interest in talking business with the ladies. Home girl made it clear that she just came for the mimosas. Then, a few minutes later, Mushiya arrived with her crew in tow. Her “plus two” was not very well-received by Maja Sly. It showed all over her face.


She revealed in her confessional that she thought it was rather classless that Mushiya hadn’t bothered to RSVP for her guests. Dedra also seemed to have an issue with Mushiya, but for a different reason: Her leather shorts. She definitely made mention of them in her confessional. I don’t see a problem with leather shorts at brunch, or any occasion, really, but what do I know?

Next, out of nowhere, Beautii J and Dedra got into a little verbal altercation. Beautii couldn’t seem to understand why Dedra would hire LaKenya, one of her former employees, because she had allegedly been let go for not paying her booth rent. Beautii claimed that LaKenya still owed her money, and that hiring LaKenya was simply bad business. Dedra later took that info to LaKenya, and LaKenya popped up at Beautii’s salon where they had a huge blow up. Needless to say, that issue was never resolved.


My absolute favorite part about the brunch was Mushiya’s ongoing laughter. She laughed the entire time. And she wasn’t laughing with the ladies, trust me, she was laughing AT them. I think she had more fun than anybody.


Towards the end, Maja just up and left the women at the table. She obviously had had enough of the shenanigans, and refused to continue the conversation. I totally get it. Sometimes you just have to walk away…and swing your weave while you’re walking.

Essentially, the show ends with Maja Sly reaching out to the ladies one last time in an effort to forge relationships and create a bond. In episode 2, I guess we’ll see if that actually does happen. I wouldn’t bet on it though!


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