Women Bare Their Breasts in Protest Of Violence Against Black Women and Girls


In case you didn’t know, today is the National Day of Action for justice for Black women and girls across the country. This movement, powered by the Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100), is being put into action as I type this.

All of this comes in response to the fatal shooting of Chicago resident Rekia Boyd at the hands of an off duty police officer. Read more about her story, and others like it HERE

Twitter, which has become a hotbed for young social activists, has allowed the movement to be recognized globally. Thanks to the use of the hashtag, social media is buzzing with amazing images from the current protests in San Francisco. Using the hashtag #SayHerName, protestors implore people to acknowledge the loss of countless Black women and girls’ lives at the hands of the state. They are demanding that people REMEMBER these faces, that people remember these names. This movement sheds light on how Black women are being excluded from the current narratives of policing, such a racial profiling. They’re saying, “Enough is Enough.”

I can say for sure that these women are making a lasting impression. This is unlike any protest we’ve seen in a quite awhile. These women, ages 18-35, have taken to the streets baring their breasts in an act of defiance, mourning, and grief.


Via the Washington Post

“Yet black women who are profiled, beaten, sexually assaulted and killed by law enforcement officials” are too often invisible. And that invisibility can intensify when sexual orientation and gender identity — such as transgender women — are involved.

What I like about this movement is it’s inclusive of trans women too. Sisters, all I can say is keep fighting the good fight. Change never comes from keeping quiet!




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