Michelle Obama Releases Poppin Workout Video


Over the years, our First Lady has gotten a lot of flak from conservatives for her “Let’s Move” campaign. The “Let’s Move” campaign is an initiative to promote healthy living in an effort to combat obesity in this country, which in my opinion, is much needed.

Some people don’t see it that way, however. For example, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R – WI) commented Mrs. Obama has a “big butt” so basically her campaign is null and void. Jimmy said he didn’t want to be “lectured” by a woman with a large “posterior.”

By the way, here’s Jimmy.


Nice double chin, Jimmy.

Anyways, this week, Michelle Obama shut all the haters down when she released this hardcore workout video. I needed a Gatorade when it was over, and I wasn’t even moving a muscle.Take a look!


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